Saturday, December 12, 2009

What to Look For In a Blacksmith Post vise?

Blacksmith Post Vise or Leg Vise what are they worth?

Blacksmith Post Vises
price range $40.00 to $700.00
Typical in good shape, clean jaws, spring and screw intact, 5 inch jaw size about $65 to $100
Like anvils typically the larger the better if it works well. The larger also costs more.

There is quite a spread and depends alot on availability and size. At Quad state this year there were many in working condition at the $40 to $60 range. Nice ones that weren't too beaten up sort of started around the $60 range.

Things to look for.
Jaws close tight and are still aligned both flush and left to right. Not too much slop either side. Faces of jaws not too scored up. Spring intact, and screw works smoothly. A bit of oil doesn't hurt to loosen things up. Mounting plate intact with wedges.

Remember a machinists vise is fine for twisting but if you are hammering then the Leg vise is better.

David Robertson
Artist Blacksmith.