Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blacksmith How to Keep Propane Tank From Freezing?

My Blacksmith Gas Forge Propane Tank Freezes Up. How do I prevent it?

As propane is drawn off a propane tank it cools the temperature of the liquid propane inside. It can cool it to the point that it freezes. At this point the pressure in the tank drops to nearly zero and the gas forge is starved for fuel. In cold weather this can happen with a significant amount of propane left in the tank.

There are a couple of things You can do.

The best is build a box that holds 100 watt light bulb that the propane tank can sit on. This will provide a gentle warming that helps keep the propane from freezing. This becomes more and more important as the weather gets colder. A simple crib made of 4x4's that is small enough for the propane tank to sit on comfortablly should work.

Another option is to gang two or more tanks together so that you draw off a larger thermal mass and it doesn't freeze as quickly. This requires a number of plumbing fixtures and POL fittings but does work.

Battery heating blankets might be another option. Wrap two together. You would have to take a look at how they are configured.I don't recommend any heat source that provides a source of ignition.

Hope This Helps

David Robertson