Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blacksmithing Punches, Lubricants and Treadle Hammers

How Do you Make A Blacksmith Hammer Drift?

How do you make a good oval drift, for example for a hammer head?

I would use a good tool steel S7 or jack hammer bit are my preferences. Forge a tapering rectangle of the slightly over size of the dimensions you want. Then knock the corners off with the hammer while the drift is hot. This will give you sort of an octagonal oval. At this point I swich to a hand angle grinder and grind smooth so there is no catch points for when you are drifting.

I have made limited use drifts out of mild steel but prefer the tool steel.

What Blacksmithing Lubricant do you Use?

What except charcoal, do you use as a lubricant preventing to get your drifts stuck in deep holes?

I also use coal dust or coke dust by themselves or mixed with beeswax in a tin can that I can dip the hot tool in. there are lubricants comercially available but I haven't tried them. A good graphite paste or spray might work well but I have had good success with the coal or coke dust.

Blacksmith Treadle Hammer Blueprints?

Do you know of the existance of blueprints for a treadle hammer, because I have to do everything single handed and sometimes there is a hand short.

I am biased because I really like my air hammer and it allows me to do mostly what a treadle hammer will do and so much more. But I do recognize they are not for everyone and a treadle hammer will help a great deal. First I would suggest finding a copy of Werk und Werkzeug des Kuntsschmieds by Otto Schmirler ISBN 3 8030 50405
Click Here For this Book

This is a great book and he has a good diagram with measurements of his "Oliver " which is a treadle hammer. The rest of his book is tools and techniques.

I would also look at as I think they sold treadle hammer plans you may also find plans on or

I hope this helps.

David Robertson
Artist Blacksmith