Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Deaden The Noise of an Anvil ?

How Do I Decrease the Ring of My Anvil?

There are a couple of tricks to deaden the noise of an anvil a bit.

I do use a chain but the secret here is that it is a fairly heavy chain and you wrap it around the anvils waist. Then it must be bolted down very tightly to the stump or stand that supports the anvil. This does help deaden the ring significantly. The idea is to tightly clamp the anvil to its base with the chain.

You can also add a good sized magnet under the horn or the tail of the anvil. This will collect scale but it helps remove some of the ring as well.

Another option that I don't like as well as the others is to take a short length of chain and make a loop out of it and hang a weight off it. Then place the loop over the horn or the tail of the anvil. It too will help deaden it down the noise a bit, but as soon as you need that spot on the anvil it is in the way and has to be moved.

Hope this helps.

David Robertson
Artist Blacksmith